Guayusa Dry Extract 12:1

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Guayusa Dry Extract 12:1 (Ilex guayusa)
10g from Peru

Very finely powdered certified 12:1 extract, made from Guayusa. Ethically and sustainably wildharvested in the tropical rainforest, area Amazonas, Rio Maranon, Peru. Produced by hydro-alcoholic extraction. Partly watersoluble. Very Hygroscopic. Keep in closed container with a dessiccant. Carrier: Maltodextrine 6%.

Guayusa Liquid TPA Extract 4:1

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Guayusa Liquid TPA Extract 4:1 (Ilex guayusa)
5ml from Ecuador

High purity TPA liquid extract, made from Equadorian Guayusa leaves, in a 4:1 ratio. TPA means that it is not a simple extract; it means "Total Purified Alkaloids". It is 4 times stronger than plain leaf and is used by the drop.


Packed in 5 ml plastic bottles with precision dropper.